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Featured Stories
The Bully by xxlovinjobrosxx
Summary: Banner made by Tink Nick Jonas-17, Biggest Bully at Riverside High School Everyone...
Rated: M - Mature 16+ starstarstarhalf-star
Reviews: [Reviews - 171]
Categories: Bands, Bands > Jonas Brothers

Steamy Secrets by Tink, Loj2911
Summary:   A steamy Affair...... a love greater than you could ever imagine...
Rated: MA - Mature Adult 18+ starstarstarstarhalf-star
Reviews: [Reviews - 133]
Categories: Bands > Jonas Brothers

Most Recent
Feel Your Heart by Minniexoxo143
Summary:   She visits his dreams every night. what happens when he finds out...
Rated: MA - Mature Adult 18+ starstarstar
Reviews: [Reviews - 168]
Categories: Bands > Jonas Brothers

Chosen by Minniexoxo143
Summary:       Savannah was dieing and couldn’t bare to tell Shane the truth til it was too late. Her parting gifts to him were a daughter and a new woman to be in his life. She wanted to chose his future.
Rated: MA - Mature Adult 18+ starstarstarhalf-star
Reviews: [Reviews - 170]
Categories: Actors > Shane West

License to Drive by Halfcent
Summary: Davy wants to get his license, and who else to turn to but Papa Nez? Friendship...
Rated: K - All Ages starstarstarstar
Reviews: [Reviews - 168]
Categories: Bands, Bands > The Monkees

Tradewinds 19: Dead Reckoning by shadesmaclean
Summary: Wherein the erstwhile crew of the Maximum try their hand at bounty hunting...
Rated: M - Mature 16+ starstarstarhalf-star
Reviews: [Reviews - 279]
Categories: Original Fiction

The Miracle of Birth by xxlovinjobrosxx
Summary: Johnny Manziel and his wife Annette are expecting their first child. The time...
Rated: M - Mature 16+ starstarstarstar
Reviews: [Reviews - 125]
Categories: Bands > Jonas Brothers, Bands

Love Me Dead by River
Summary: Sebastian Moran is living a totally ordinary life...or as ordinary as it can...
Rated: M - Mature 16+ starstarstarstarhalf-star
Reviews: [Reviews - 520]
Categories: TV Shows > Sherlock (BBC), Books, Slash, TV Shows

TFIoS from a Different Perspective by River
Summary: This is a short series of posts about the events in TFIoS from non-canonical...
Rated: T - Teens 13+ starstarstarstarhalf-star
Reviews: [Reviews - 106]
Categories: Books

At the Moon and other Poems by shadesmaclean
Summary: A collection of assorted poetry and verse I've written over the years.
Rated: T - Teens 13+ starstarstarstar
Reviews: [Reviews - 157]
Categories: Poetry

Potato by River
Summary: Sam was just your ordinary college kid. He had a girlfriend, both of whom loved...
Rated: T - Teens 13+ starstarstarstarhalf-star
Reviews: [Reviews - 49]
Categories: TV Shows > Supernatural, Slash, TV Shows

The Boat by Jasmin_Chace
Summary: Suffering from major depression and anxiety, can Jessica keep it together long...
Rated: T - Teens 13+ starstarstar
Reviews: [Reviews - 98]
Categories: Original Fiction

Random Story
{ I Am Not The Girl You Think I Am by Rainbow Haired Girl
Summary: Everything for Special Agent Bianca Hale came easy to her except for one thing...
Rated: MA - Mature Adult 18+ starhalf-star
Reviews: [Reviews - 8]
Categories: TV Shows > Criminal Minds


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