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I am issuing this challenge because I am curious of what others will come up with. I've been watching Criminal minds for the past few days and this hit me. Spencer needs some loving. An OC and Spencer Reid end up falling in love with each other. The oc can either be a victim or she would be working at the BAU with Reid. If she is working with the BAU then it will be a case that the two of them go on together to solve a case. They have to act like a married couple. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with for that one and if it is a victim... Pretty much it is Reid protecting her from the unsub. 

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Write a story about fear. How it affects your characters, their life or anything else related to fear itself.


*Added* 5-6-2012

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So here is the plan! It's the holidays!! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanza, Hannukah..... Write a one shot!! OR if you have a story that already has a holiday scene in it.. copy and paste it into a one shot for us!! The winner of THIS challenge will win something very special!!! But it's a surprise and will be revealed to you when you win, but it IS something tangable!!! So get your entries in!!! and I'll be choosing the winnder on January 1st!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

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YOUR CHALLENGE for this month! is to write a Valentine's day based story of course! BUT the twist is to write of a LOST LOVE or BREAKUP VAaentine's day! Somethign different than your typical Valentine's day story! Hence the reason for the bleeding heart graphic! The winner Gets to be a featured story! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

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When you think of July you think of Summer and the 4th. Beaches, cookouts, theme parks and road trips. What kind of trouble will everyone get into? And will tempers rise with the heat?

  All stories need to be submited by July 31st.

Have fun, be creative and happy writing :)

Closed. - No entries. No winner.

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With Spring here, will new love be found, or will a flame die out? Or maybe, just maybe an old flame will be rekindled.

The choice is your's. Be creative and have fun

The challenge entry should be at least 1,000 words and no more then two chapters.

Be sure to follow all rules and guide-lines.

Good luck and happy writing!

Be sure you have your entry in by Noon on May 31st.

CLOSED - Voting closed.

Winner - Rekindled Love by Jasmin - Featured Story & $5 Visa gift card.

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This month is very easy!!! You're writing a Thanksgiving challenge and in Spirits of that!!! I will decide teh winner on BLACK FRIDAY!!!

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Official October Challenge

This is your official October Challenge for the month! It's been a rough week so I apologize for it being so later but here it is.

Take your favorite Cetegory or Character and write them with their child, on that child's first Halloween. Again the winner of this challenge will be a featured story!

you can use already written stories with this set up in it already, or write us a new one shot!! A winner will be chosen on December 1st!


get creative... get spunky and BEST of all..... ISSUE a challenge... we had no sign ups last time so now is your chance!!!


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Hi, when I try to write a story I try sometimes to pair it up from either a poem I have read or wrote maybe even a song that I heard then or even in the past to touched the right cord for me to write my stories.

I really like this song and it inspired me to write " You Will Always Be Mine" series and I'd love to see what others can come up with. Write a story based on the song - "Undisclosed Desires" by - Muse and the lyrics to the song are here

I'm really looking fowards to see what other writers bring to the table from this song that I think is one of kind in my book. :)



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