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Here is a list of helpful and other site links. We didn't want to clog up your header or side bar with a ton of links so this page suffices to explain the links and share others not listed on the main links bar.

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1. If you have lost your password or have any other site related issues you need a hand with visit our help page.

2. Our Staff list has all the administrators, moderators and staff info listed and readily linked to assist you with any help or problems you might have while on our site.

3. If you don't find the answers to your issues in the two links listed above do not hesitate to contact us . You will recieve a response within 24 hours.

4. There are many categories to search for stories. Check out the browse link in the bar for the complete list.

5. If you need to find anything on our site use the handy search page. There is a simple and advanced search options to chose from.

6. We offer challenges submitted by members and there is also contests (coming soon) and an official challenge posted every month with a prize to be won.

7. We offer an off site recommendations page for members to post recommended works posted by other authors on other writing sites.

8. We feature stories chosen and written by our members.

9. Some authors have worked their way to the top tens list on the site. These lists are auto generated based on the members usage and personal site stats. The staff have no control over who or what appears on these lists.

10. Your personal member account has many useful links to help you on this site.


**We have a few various pages to help you in knowing how our site is run.**


11. The complete list of our site rules (the submission rules linked below are also listed underneath the site rules on this page.) - also listed in the footers bar of every skin.

12. Stories & Other Written Works Submission Rules Only

13.The Privacy Policy also listed in the footers bar of every skin.

14. The Terms Of Service - also listed in the footers bar of every skin.


Site Donations - appreciated but not required. :)