Site Rules

1. This website is open to all walks of life. We are a fairly run site and strive for equality for all of our registered members and staff. Reading content of all kinds is welcomed and encouraged on this site. Heterosexual, Homosexual and likewise themed content is permitted.

   1a - Any members of this site will refrain from harassing other members, authors or staff for what content they chose to post or read.

   1b - Insulting, harassing, or in any way abusing another user is not allowed on any part of the site. This includes : insulting comments on stories, poems, or message board posts, and posting insulting images.

   1c - Anyone found harassing other members or guests of this site will have their IP banned and reported to their ISP.


2. Members will not harass or be rude to the administrators, moderators or staff, authors, forum users or reviewers for any reason. Harassing behavior may include, but is not limited to - flaming, trolling, posting spam reviews, abusing or spamming the author contact form, or spamming the message boards. If this is happening please don't hesitate to contact the site administrators or moderators right away so we may fix the issue.

   2a. The same goes for administrators, moderators and staff, they will not harass or be rude to other administrators, moderators, staff, members, authors, forum users or reviewers for any reason. If you feel this is happening, please contact the site administrators immediately so we may handle the situation promptly.

   2b - Please don't contact the site administrators directly unless you are having a problem listed above - see 2a. A problem with a staff member, or if you find any staff member of any level breaking a rule.

   2c - If a member knows of another member violating any site rules, they can contact only a moderator or administrator via private message. It is never appropriate to confront a user, or report a user to staff or non-staff members. This includes confronting the members believed to be operating "fake" accounts.

   2d - If you need help with anything on this site visit the help page, if you can't find your solution there, please contact the help mod here.

   2e - If you contact the website tech about a bug or issue, please list your operating system, browser, the URL of the problem, any errors you saw or encountered in detail (if possible) and exactly what you were doing when the error occurred in your email to our tech mod here.


3. Please only one account per person.

   3a -This means that if a user is banned they cannot create another account for their stories nor may they post them under another members name.

   3b -If you forget your password, you are not allowed to create another account. Contact us to reset your password for you. It is an easy fix.

   3c -Users are not allowed to create different accounts to post different types of writing.

   3d - If for some reason, you have questions about your account, or feel you need a new account because of issues with other members, contact site administrators directly and we will be more than happy to help you resolve the problem.


4. In use of this website, the member agrees that the administrators, moderators, staff and the authors herein will not be held responsible or liable for any damages resulting from the information, stories and service provided. All members should read any and all content posted on this site at their own risk and discretion.

   4a - "MA - Mature Adult - 18+" rated stories are strictly reserved for members at least 18 years old in the US or whichever is the age of maturity to read such content in their country. Any member who lives in a country or community, which strictly forbids the reading of adult material, that member is not allowed to legally access this content. You must be logged in to the site and click through a "content warning" and an "of legal age statement" to read this material, you will be the only one held responsible if you are underage and caught reading such things.

   4b - The staff reserves the right to refuse any person service for any reason. Members may not create multiple accounts for any reason. Members must be at least 13 years old or older to register on our site.

   4c - By accessing and viewing any part / content of this site in any way, registering for an account, reading and reviewing any content herein, accessing the message boards, all users agree to the Terms of Service, the Privacy Policy and all of these rules listed on this page.


5. Anyone found willfully uploading any content with a virus / Trojan horse / or any other harmful material will have their IP banned then reported to their ISP.

   5a - Posting illegal or pornographic content on any part of the site is prohibited. This includes sharing links and promoting illegal downloading. If it is found the offending account will immediately be banned.


6. The respective authors on this site rightfully own all individual works posted on this site under said authors username.

   6a - The administrators, moderators, and staff are not responsible for the author's opinion, whether expressed in any piece of work on this site or otherwise.

   6b - The administrators, moderators or staff, are not responsible for any content of any websites linked to in an author's profile, or any images posted by any author.

   6c -.Due to all work being rightfully owned by its respective author, those authors may edit or delete their stories (and accounts) at any time without fear of retribution from the staff. The administration does not keep backups of stories or accounts for this purpose.

   6d - It is very important that you back up all of your work. We are not able to recover individual stories in case of a deletion of any kind.

   6e - Authors are responsible for rating their stories correctly according to content, and that includes any future chapters that may contain warnings of any kind.

   6f - The administrators, moderators and staff are not responsible if any members and/or readers are offended. Read at your own risk and discretion.


Submission Rules

1. Please only use this site to post and share your own written works. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Any users caught plagiarizing will be immediately banned and their stories will be deleted.

2. Please only one account per person. If you have a story you want to post and get feedback on but don't want it under your own penname, we have a Ghostwriter account that it can be posted under. Details below.


We are going to try out having a ghostwriters account on this site for anyone who wants to post a story of any type and wants feedback on it but doesn't want anyone to know they wrote it. This avoids breaking rule 2 of having more than one account per person.

The original author will be listed in the summery of the story by first name only. All stories are still owned by their respective author and we will only accept stories for this account from the original writers account email form on this site.  Any member caught using the ghostwriter account for posting anything but their own work will have their account banned and all stories deleted.

All Submission Rules are to be followed when submitting a story to this account, especially Rule 1 - Please only use this site to post and share your own written works. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Any users caught plagiarizing will be immediately banned and their stories will be deleted.

Contact the ghostwriters account and a staff member will get back to you in regards to posting your story on this account.

Once a chapter or story is received it will be posted or updated within 72 hours of receipt.

Please don't abuse this feature or account.

3. All stories must be in English. Any non-English dialogue may be added but the English dialogue must be added right after the non-English dialogue and italicized in parenthesis to make the story easier to read.

   3a - Please refrain from writing a story in "chatspeak" (eg. lyk, dis, wut, r, u) or typing it like this "cHaTsPeAk".

4. Stories must be submitted to the proper categories and sub-categories. The submission form allows you to choose multiple categories (Hold the Control key down on the keyboard and click with your mouse to select multiple choices) and co-authors, if any for your story, So please do NOT add your story multiple times!

5. Titles and summaries must be kid friendly. No exceptions.

6. "Please read", "Please review", and more than half of a chapter text as a preview teaser in the summary are not acceptable summaries and titles with the word "Untitled", or #$%* symbols within them, etc. are not acceptable titles. Please use proper capitalization and spelling.

7. Correct grammar and spelling are expected of all stories submitted to this site. The site administrators are not grammar Nazis. However, the site administrators reserve the right to request corrections in submissions with a multitude of grammar and/or spelling errors. If such a request is ignored, the story will be deleted and you may re-upload it after the corrections have been fixed.

8. All stories must be rated correctly and have the appropriate warnings. All adult rated stories are expected to have warnings. After all, they wouldn't have that rating if there wasn't something to be warned about! The site administrators recognize that there is an audience for these stories, but please respect those who do not wish to read them by labeling them appropriately.

9. Stories with multiple chapters should be archived as such and NEVER as separate stories. Upload the first chapter of your story, and then go to Manage Stories in your account to add additional chapters. The Series function works the same way to list stories within a series. If you have trouble with this, please contact a site administrator for help.

10. Please do not post junk chapters, blank chapters or chapters that are only an author's note. It bumps the story to the top of the Most Recent list and this is not fair to others who have actual updated stories to share.

11. Please do not review your own work or work that you co write on, even if it is on another users name. It boosts the review numbers for that story and it is not fair to those authors who work hard to get reviews the right way. Also, refrain from creating a new account just to get around this rule. If you are caught doing so, your main account and the review account will be deleted immediately and the IP address associated with multiple accounts will be banned.

12. Story banners should be no more than 600x450. Anything any bigger will be resized by the site staff. If you change it then it will then be removed and you can reupload it to the correct size.

13. As much as possible, spoiler warnings are expected on all stories. For categories with serialized content, such as series of books or television series, spoilers are mandatory for the current season and/or most recent part. An appropriate spoiler warning to place in your summary would be: Spoilers for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. DO NOT do anything like this: Spoilers for the one where Spock dies.

14. A number of authors have requested that fans refrain from writing fan fiction based on their work. Therefore submissions will not be accepted based on the works of P.N. Elrod, Raymond Feist, Terry Goodkind, Laurell K. Hamilton, Anne McCaffrey, Robin McKinley, Irene Radford, Anne Rice, and Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb.

*Submissions found to be in violation of these rules may be removed and the author's account suspended at the discretion of the site administrators and/or moderators. The site administrators reserve the right to modify these rules as needed.*

of the site administrators and/or moderators. The site administrators reserve the right to modify these rules as needed.

Sitewide Disclaimer

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters, and the works written are the property of the respective author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise used herein. No copyright infringement is intended.